Lowballing: A Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakland Explains How It Works

personal injury lawyer in Oakland

Few things please an insurance adjuster more than a chance to reduce your settlement. In this article, an experienced personal injury lawyer in Oakland takes a closer look at some of their favorite tactics.

Prior Legal Proceedings

A favorite stand-by of the insurance adjuster is a case in which a claimant previously endured a long drawn-out legal proceeding that ended with nearly half of the settlement taken in fees and costs by the legal counsel involved. The insurer’s reasoning is that if you are fated to lose half of your settlement to attorney’s fees, you might as well skip hiring the attorney, settle for half up front and save years of litigation. By their reckoning, you come out with a similar amount of money and you receive it far sooner. Further, should the adjuster find out that your prior case was decided against you, he or she may remind you of this in an effort to dissuade you from working with your Oakland personal injury attorney, which could be greatly to your disadvantage.

Placing the Blame on You

If, after you were transported to the hospital from the scene of a car wreck, your car was broken into and either damaged or stolen, an adjuster might argue that the theft or damage was your own fault. By leaving your vehicle unprotected, you caused the subsequent damage yourself. An experienced Oakland personal injury attorney is likely to look at this as unreasonable considering your condition and your injuries, but it does offer the adjuster an excuse to lessen your settlement amount. Adjusters are also notorious for claiming that you either failed to facilitate or actually hindered the procedures because you did not supply some required paperwork. Again, this is unreasonable. You are not responsible for gathering or providing information concerning the investigation. That is the job of the insurer.

Increasing Your Own Problems

If the adjuster can show that you delayed seeing a doctor or going to the hospital, the argument that you failed to take appropriate steps to help yourself becomes available. By waiting before obtaining treatment, they can say that you might have exacerbated your medical condition beyond what the insurance company is obliged to pay.

Helping Others

Lastly, insurance adjusters like to play the guilt card. They do this by making you feel that by seeking the settlement you ought to have, you are forcing higher premiums on other people.

Don’t Let Them Do This to You

Don’t let an adjuster turn you into a victim. Engage the services of an experienced, dedicated personal injury lawyer in Oakland by calling the Orr Firm at 510-985-4600 today.

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